Selling a house with damp issues

Selling a house with damp is never going to be easy. The very word ‘damp’ conjures up all kinds of negative images for home buyers. Cold and wet. Mouldy and smelly. Peeling wallpaper and unappealing stains. No wonder YouGov found that as many as 87% of buyers would be put off buying a house with damp issues.

Yet damp problems aren’t always a deal breaker. If you know about them in advance, you can often get them fixed quickly and easily before you go to market. However, not everyone has the money to pay for repairs or enough time for the damp to dry out fully afterwards before they put their house on the market.

Repairs are not always possible if you’re in a rush to sell for personal or financial reasons. In this case, you can either think about selling a house with damp at a lower price, or sell it to a cash buyer, who will take your property in any condition, wet or dry.

selling a house damp issues