Selling a house with a mine shaft

Britain has a rich history of mining, for coal, for metals like copper and tin, and for clay. Unfortunately, this has left a rabbit warren of disused mines and mineshafts from Consett to Cornwall, from Carlisle to Kent. While most of these mines have been closed for decades, they are still impacting thousands of homes across the country to this day.

Selling a house with a mineshaft is not impossible, but it’s often much more complicated and expensive. You may need to pay for expert reports and surveys before you even go to market, and even if you do find a buyer willing to risk it, they may struggle to get a mortgage. Even if you have all the right, reassuring reports, you could still find that there’s a stigma attached to your home, making selling a home near a mineshaft really difficult.

So how do you stop a mineshaft becoming a money pit, and what’s the best way to sell a home near a mineshaft without getting shafted yourself in the process? Join the Guru as we take a look down the biggest rabbit hole of them all… 

selling a house with a mineshaft