Selling a house with problem neighbours

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours! Sadly, however, we can’t all live in the friendly cul-de-sac of Ramsay Street. Next door may only be a heartbeat away, but around one in ten of us have neighbours that are anything but good friends.

Neighbour disputes can arise over all kinds of issues, from boundaries to bad behaviour, from environmental issues to nuisance noise. They can even be bad enough to make you want to move house. Unfortunately, selling a house with problem neighbours can be a big problem in itself 

It would be easy if you could just not mention the issue, and leave it for your buyers to discover the awful truth once the deal is done. However, by law, you have to disclose any disputes with your neighbours as part of the conveyancing process, and naturally, this will put many buyers off. After all, who wants to knowingly buy a house that’s going to be spoiled by nasty neighbours?

If the problem can’t be resolved, selling to a cash buyer may be your only option. They will buy any house, in any situation, including homes next door to the neighbours from hell.

selling a house with problem neighbours