Selling a property portfolio

As we said in our article on selling tenanted property, the game is largely up for landlords these days. Changes to rental legislation, a significant cut in tax breaks, new rules on energy efficiency and more, have turned property ownership into a real pain in the assets! No wonder landlords are leaving in their thousands, selling up, taking their profits and booking a cruise.

So should you think about joining them? Is now a good time to sell? And if so, how do you go about selling a property portfolio without entering a world of hate and hassle? In this article, we’ll take a look at:

· Reasons to sell a property portfolio
· Landlords’ lack of confidence in their business
· Why now is a good time to take profits
· The state of the current property market
· Your options when selling a rental portfolio
· Can I sell my rental portfolio in one easy transaction?
· Why a cash sale isn’t as costly as you think

selling a property portfolio