Selling a house with rodents

For all the cute cartoons, from Tom and Jerry to Ratatouille, having mice or rats in your home is anything but cute. Rodents pose a health risk with their urine and droppings and they can cause serious damage to the fabric of your home. As you would expect, this can make selling a house with mice or rats a real problem. 

Unless you’re prepared to spend hundreds of pounds on professional exterminators before you even go to market, a rodent infestation will inevitably reduce the value of your home. Worse still, being labelled a ‘problem property’ will significantly reduce the number of interested buyers, so chances are you’ll get even less when you sell.

In this article, we’ll outline your options when selling a house with rats or mice, including fixing the problem yourself, hiring professional exterminators and selling your house with rodents and letting your buyers solve the issue. We’ll also look at why selling a house with rodents to a cash buyer can be a quick and easy option.

selling a house with rodents