Should you sign a contract with a Cash House Buyer?

The Cash house buying industry has a bad reputation, and quite frankly, in many cases it deserves it. Far too many people are getting suckered into what they believe to be a generous, binding offer on their property – only to receive that dreaded phone call at the 11th hour with a much lower offer.

Like all the biggest scams, by the time you realise you’ve been had, you’re in too deep to pull out. Whichever way you turn, you lose, and the scammers win. You’re either forced to accept the lower offer for fear of losing the sale, or you find yourself liable for a huge financial penalty for breaking the agreement.

At the end of the day, the offers from most cash house buyers are about as realistic and reliable as the promises in an election manifesto, and they have about as much chance of being honoured. Yet just like the voters, desperate home sellers keep falling for them time and time again.

But how do these companies get away with such shady tactics? Why don’t home sellers just walk away from these dodgy deals when their lies are exposed?

Sadly, most of these unfortunate home sellers have been duped into signing a contract, which means that they can’t pull out, however much they want to.

Should you sign a contract with a Cash House Buyer