Do Cash Buyers Offer Less? (My Honest Advice Before You Sell)

Do cash buyers offer less? Yes, it’s common for cash buyers to offer slightly less than the market value but this isn’t always the case.

However, as your Cash House Buyer Guru, I urge you to consider other advantages a cash buyer company brings to the transaction. There will be no estate agent fees and the company will likely pay legal fees. You will also save time with a cash buyer company and arguably, the reliability of the sale can be improved. Remember the difference between a ‘cash buyer’ and a ‘cash buyer company’. Only a company really brings the benefits discussed. Even on time, a company is often better as they have no sale or mortgage to arrange themselves. Even if your offer is slightly lower than your ideal, you may still benefit markedly in the long run by securing your sale and removing these additional costs.

do cash buyers offer less