Revealed: How Long to Sell a House with No Chain Really!

Knowing how long it takes to sell a house with no chain is important for anyone looking for a quick property sale. A no-chain house sale, depending on the method of selling, can reach completion in as little as two weeks.

Chain free cash sales are particularly noted for their speed, and can conclude within a few weeks. Traditional sales involving mortgage approvals, conveyancing, property surveys, and effective communications between multiple parties, such as lenders, solicitors, and estate agents, can extend the process to at least 8-12 weeks. This can be much longer when leasehold properties or long chains are involved.

On balance, the timeline for a no-chain house sale averages a few weeks to a few months. While this is usually faster than a person selling a property within a chain, it’s important to remember that each property sale is unique and timelines will vary accordingly.

How long to sell a house with no chain